JP and the New Ethos

Real quick one. Thought Breaking Ferriss’ readers would appreciate this more than anyone else.

This is JP Bouvet, a young drum star who took full advantage of his success to start an online platform sharing lessons and advice. He’s a hero (by his own definition) of mine because he already uses his platform to do good and spread knowledge. Each generation has its own archetype, and I grow bored with discussions about whether we, as humans, are getting “better” or “worse” – I think everybody’s a product of our context, and some of you have heard me discuss my idea that the defining features of my generation are the lack of a recent “draft” war (a war we feared having to serve in) and the evaporation of the compact between employer and employee that defined the Eisenhower era. Anyway, JP’s Already figured it out, and is rocking it. Love your opinions.


One thought on “JP and the New Ethos

  1. Great, sure! He is saying that he wants to be the best person he can be in all aspects of his life, a laudable goal and one many of us share. And there isn’t a down side to this. It has hit him as kind of a revelation and he is wanting to communicate that with everyone he can. Maybe he thinks if he does share his thoughts widely, his “wave” will continue and not dissipate, but just speculating. Interesting too about “today’s” heroes being all or any of us, as opposed to icons. Appreciate it.

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