Shed Science Cropped

Guess it’s time to edit my “about” page, because my analytics say people have been navigating to it.

So what would one hope to learn about me from the “about” page? What makes me similar to you? If you’re starting with the “who is this guy” question, I’m less concerned about communicating the specifics than about getting across the point that I’m you, as one ill-fated senatorial candidate one put it.

But I really am you.

I’m not a Princeton grad, don’t have an MBA, have not developed a methodology to memorize multiple decks of shuffled cards, etc. Not that I have to be. I also suffer from a mortal’s level of “resistance”, to use Steven Pressfield’s term.

Some people start blogs about making money online as they’re learning how to make money online, in hopes of making money from talking about making money. This is a little different. It’s more like my “stick” – my public diary, my benchmark that keeps me on task. Yes, I will use it for a little SEO boost in the natural course of promoting some of my projects. But that’s not its primary purpose.

Point being, if I can do it, you can do it.

And I want desperately to succeed, so I can show others that it can be done, and hopefully how it can be done. Heck, I’m even sharing bits and pieces of how it can be done before I have the whole picture. That makes me excited, and also helps me learn by teaching.

I want desperately to succeed, but I have a normal person’s level of daily responsibilities, which can tend to…crowd out desperation to succeed. Everyone needs a “trip wire.” An egg timer to remind them to ask themselves “am I working on the most important things to me right now.”

This blog is that.


Not for nothing though, and in the spirit of openness, I’m originally from Montana. Was a nerdy kid growing up, but loved to try many things, including sports, which I ranged from mediocre to bad at, but which I still enjoyed.

I began learning music before I could walk, but true to my non-linear spirit I dropped and picked it up again several times before tackling it seriously in my ’20s.

I’ve had a day job since 2004, and have been happy to have it for most of those years. Only recently has the dual crunch of “is this what I’m going to be doing my whole life,” and “I don’t have enough time to pursue my dreams, and I’m not making enough money for the time deficit to be worth it” hit home.

Then I read Four Hour Work Week. A week later, I started this blog.


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